How to improve the design of offshore units by

transferring knowledge from operations



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The EDGE was a two-year research project. The challenge of knowledge transfer from operations to the design of new offshore units is of particular importance in the maritime sector due to the geographical separation of offshore operations and the onshore engineering design of new units.

The project’s practical outcome is a booklet on “knowledge crossing boundaries”.

The booklet targets top management, CTOs and project managers in oil and gas companies, oil drilling companies, and shipping industries.

The research project was carried out at the Engineering Systems Division from DTU Management Engineering, being concluded by August 2016. This research was funded by the Danish Maritime Fund and it was conducted in collaboration with a company working in the oil sector.


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Published Articles


A macro-ergonomic perspective on analysing and designing knowledge transfer systems in engineering projects within the oil drilling industry





Developing a framework to transfer knowledge from operations into engineering design projects:

understanding the knowledge management challenge




Transferring knowledge from operations to the design and optimization of work systems: bridging the offshore/onshore gap



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